Holly Hughes Dance Academy

Celebrating 34 years of dance in Guelph

The Holly Hughes Dance Academy offers a wide assortment of classes in technique, style and advancement.  Our dance offerings include:

preschool (for ages 2, 3 & 4)




modern (lyrical)

hip hop

character ballet


adult classes (tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet - subject to availability)

private lessons

-ummer dance camp

conditioning and technique classes

competitive dance classes

Our goal is to promote the education of the performance art of dance. The Holly Hughes Dance Academy offers strong technique in all of the above dance styles and our instructors encourage each dancer’s natural love of movement while providing essential dance technique training. Our classes  foster self-expression and encourage individual movement, interpretation and creativity.  Each of the teachers are dedicated to facilitating individual artistic development by providing a nurturing environment, which inspires each dancer to put forth their best effort.

When you enrol your child at the Holly Hughes Dance Academy they will develop a strong sense of discipline, self-motivation, art appreciation, a determination to meet new challenges and new skills and attitudes which will become a vital part of their daily lives.

Dancing is fun and provides social interaction with peers who have the same interest.


This introduction to movement and music brings dance alive!  

Teachers encourage natural joy of movement and imaginative mime, while introducing the fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz dance technique. Students will be encouraged to participate in joyful dance and creative music-making through the integration of preschool songs and rhymes that will carry into todays modern children’s music (i.e. Disney-mania). Children develop greater body and spatial awareness and improve their fundamental motor skills. Movement, rhythm, improvisation and learned dances are introduced in a lively and creative atmosphere.  

A parent or guardian will be expected to come to each class and be a full part of the class with their dancer.

Please call the studio to register you and your toddler for our tot classes!

SESSION 1 - October 5th

45 minutes per week, Wednesday evenings for 2 months

Approximate class size: 10-15 students


This dance readiness combination class introduces different styles of movement with an emphasis on coordination, balance, rhythm and fun! Our classes combine ballet, creative movement, tap and jazz techniques along with music and song. Children learn important skills that enable them to easily progress through subsequent dance programs.  An assistant teacher assists with this class depending on the number of students

Approximate class size: 10-15 students

30 minute class once a week


Building on our 3 year old program, this 4 year old class continues to combine ballet, jazz, tap and creative movement techniques with more of an emphasis on longer combinations and performing short fun combinations upon learning them from the teacher.  Another fun introductory class to dance, this class is an excellent followup to our 3 year old program or as a first class for your young dancer.  An assistant teacher assists with this class depending on the number of students

Approximate class size: 10-15 students

30 minute class once a week


Children are exposed to classical ballet and study the pre-primary level of the R.A.D and C.D.T.A. syllabus. Classes also include a progression of tap and jazz steps at a primary level and creative movement activities. Children learn important skills that enable them to easily progress through future dance technique programs in ballet, jazz and tap.

Approximate class size: 10-15 students

45 minute class once a week


Students are trained in classical ballet through the R.A.D and C.D.T.A. syllabus.  The lower grades concentrate on the pleasure of movement and musicality, with the development of technique, artistry and self-discipline evolving through the levels. Emphasis is placed on proper posture and alignment, correct and safe technique and a genuine sense of performance including classical ballet, character and free movement. Ballet is recommended to all students either to be studied on its own or to enhance a jazz, tap or modern program.

Approximate class size: 15-20 students

45 minute class once a week


Students are trained in both classical ballet and jazz styles of R.A.D and C.D.T.A. Students will concentrate in the pleasure of movement and musicality while developing technique, artistry and self-discipline.  Modern students will also enhance strength and flexibility throughout the program while learning the joy of expressive movement to show the emotions of lyrics in the songs they dance to.

Approximate class size: 15-20 students

45 minute class once a week


Students have the opportunity to learn a combination of several jazz styles to give a broad experience in this dance form through the C.D.T.A. Young people are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance. Classes are age appropriate material based on natural movements: walking, running, jumping and skipping as well as isolations and rhythm. Jazz dance is designed to encourage an imaginative and rapid response to music and to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of upbeat jazz music. Classes will include traditional and up-to-date jazz and hip hop movements, which improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and rhythmic awareness.

Boys interested in jazz dance are invited to join in our classes! Their work has been developed to meet the increasing demand for jazz training for boys which is taught in all classes

Approximate class size: 15-20 students

45 minute class once a week


Students will learn traditional tap skills, including steps, combinations and rhythms as well as the history and theory behind them.  Students are trained in the C.D.T.A. tap syllabus which encourages good rhythm, expressive style and correct technique. Tap improves coordination, balance,  agility and heightens awareness of rhythm and musicality across all dance forms.

Approximate class size: 15-20 students

45 minute class once a week


Having its roots in rap, hip hop is a refined form of street dance and borrows its concepts from contrived and stylized dance. Hip Hop is available from age 5 and up, and while it is not mandatory, we recommend that students also take one jazz or ballet class to maintain strength and flexibility.

Approximate class size: 15 students

45 minute class once a week


We offer many adult classes in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and stretch & strengthen classes (pilates) depending on availability. These classes run in 8-week sessions based on interest.

Minimum of 5 dancers needed to run Adut Classes

45 minutes class once a week, 8 week sessions.


Dedicated dancers aged 8 and older who are interested in our intensive conditioning and technique classes should contact the studio for more information.  These classes are mandatory for our competitive dancers.  A limited number of spaces for our recreational dancers are available in these classes.

2-hour class once a week

Important Note:

All of our classes (preschool to advance) include a 10-15 minute warm-up period which includes stretching, strengthening, flexibility and balance. This is an important part of any physical activity.


We are proud of our A, B & C teams of 2016/2017 and are looking forward to our new season with these 3 teams again along with multiple duos and trios!  We are also looking forward to working with our newest team, Comp D, who will work this year on their technique and skill and build up to competing next year.  Last year our competitive teams won multiple top awards and overall judges awards.